What is Soksemo?

To the Native American Abenaki, Soksemo is a mythological dog spirit whose name translates to Good Nose. And that is exactly what you will need as you navigate our dog-themed, location-based, mobile social networking app. Here are some of the canine activities that you can engage in as a member:

Roaming  [Top]

Using Soksemo, you will create your own dog spirit with which you can explore the world around you, interacting with friends and other users whom you meet along the way.

roam The best thing about being a dog spirit is that you are completely unleashed... free to roam anywhere in the world. You will indicate your location by positioning a dog icon on a map. If you are using a location-enabled (GPS) device, you can heel to your current location.

Sniffing  [Top]

As a dog, you can put your good nose to use by sniffing in order to discover nearby people of interest.

sniff When you sniff, you can detect the scent (but not the location) of other nearby users. Your scent consists of optional messages (or aromas), each of which can be used to tell other users a bit more about yourself. If you find someone's scent interesting, you can sniff that user directly to send him/her a short message (e.g., to introduce yourself to a possible new friend).

Barking  [Top]

As a dog, you can communicate with other nearby users by barking. Barking is a form of instant messaging where your current location serves as a chat room.

bark Imagine having a conversation with other people who happen to be at the same place at the same time, possibly sharing the same experience (e.g., watching the same sporting event, shopping at the same store, attending the same class). Barking will enable you to meet new people and interact in new ways!

Marking  [Top]

The sound of barking fades quickly. But, as a dog, you can leave behind more persistent messages by marking your territory in a variety of ways.

bone As you explore the world, you may come across a place of interest (restaurant, store, etc) that you want to remember. You can do this by burying a bone. A bone is a private marker that only you can see (i.e., no other dog can find your bones). Your bones also serve as waypoints for quick navigation.
pool While a bone is a private marker, there are some locations you will want to share with a specific group. For example, you might ask your friends for opinions on a given restaurant and then pool together their trusted responses before deciding whether to eat there. A pool is a protected marker that only you and members of a specified group can see.
pile Finally, rather than limiting the discussion to friends, you might want to allow other people who live and work in the area to pile on additional comments in order to get the local perspective on a given location. After all, if people who live nearby avoid a restaurant, you may not want to eat there. A pile is a public marker that everyone can see.

Tracking  [Top]

By default, for privacy reasons, we do not expose your exact location to other users. But, when you perform a visible action (barking or marking), your friends will see a marker indicating your dog's location.

paw As a dog, you will leave behind a paw print whenever you perform an action. A paw print is a protected marker seen only by your friends. Your paw print is transient since it is updated automatically whenever you bark or mark.

Soksemo represents a fun, new way to interact with the people/places around you... right here, right now! That's what social networking is all about. So take a moment to register, and begin to explore this dog-gone world in a whole new way.